What’s in My Bag as a University Student - Female Edition 

For university/college students.

Have you finished your SPM exams and are super excited to start university? Me neither. BUT! The day to start university is drawing ever nearer so make sure you don’t head into university life unprepared. Keep reading to find out what’s in my bag as a university student- the ultimate female guide version. 


  • Laptop/Tablet 

The most important thing any student needs in their bag is their laptops or tablets. Everything is online these days from textbooks to assignment submissions, so you’ll want to have a capable device that allows you to take notes, write out assignments, edit videos, etc. 

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  • Power bank & Laptop charger 

Even your new phone and laptop can’t survive 8am-6pm classes without a little recharge, trust me. 

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  • Earphones 

You’ll thank me later. 

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  • Emergency Pouch 

You never know when a natural female disaster is about to happen so make sure you’ve got an emergency pouch filled with all your must haves (sanitary pads, Panadol, wet wipes, flu medication, lip balm, perfume and lotion!). 

  • Water bottle 

Self-explanatory really… you’ll be out from morning till evening- stay hydrated, girl! 

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  • Snacks 

Classes can start early and end late, sometimes they even stretch across lunch. It’s hard to listen to your lecturer when your stomach is growling even louder ;) 

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  • Pencil box 

Everything may be online now, but you never know when you’ll need a good pen to sign forms or write out midterm answers. 


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  • A4 paper 

Always keep a notebook or some loose papers with you- some lecturers do not provide paper for midterm tests or sudden quizzes. 


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  • Raincoat 

The weather can be as unpredictable as a changing timetable, keep yourself dry and you’ll keep yourself healthy. 


Make sure you get a good backpack or tote bag; you’ll be using it for a couple years. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!