One Pot Meals  

For college/university students. 

Cooking home cooked meals can be a real hassle especially when the cooking process doesn’t end when the food is ready to eat but continues until all the dishes have been washed and put away. So, if piling dishes are putting you off having some good home cooked meals, look no further! Here is a curated list of meals you can cook with just one pot either at home or in your university dorm! 

  •  Chicken Fajitas 
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This is one of the easiest meals to cook. Most fajita recipes take an average of 10-15 minutes to prepare and cook. Not only is it easy, quick, and efficient to make, but it is also perfect for bulk cooking to store and eat throughout the week. Additionally, chicken fajitas are customisable to the preferences of the maker- vegetables, condiments, and seasoning can be tailored to the tastes of each individual making the dish. This also allows for a variety of different fajita meals throughout the week. 


  • Sweet and Sour Chicken 

This dish may take a little longer to make, averaging 20-30 minutes depending on the recipe, however it can be customisable as well with the choice of vegetables included in the dish, as well as the choice of meat such as fish, pork, or even a vegan option of tofu. Moreover, this dish pairs well with rice and noodles, giving the maker the option of what carbs to eat it with depending on their preferences. Sweet and sour chicken is also perfect for bulk making and storing for the week. 


  • Stir-Fried Noodles 

An easy, quick, and customisable meal. Every aspect of this dish can be altered to the likes of the chef- the noodles, vegetables, condiments, and toppings. It can be made as a simple meal or as a gourmet dish to treat yourself after a long day. Either way, this meal does not take longer than 20 minutes to prepare and cook, making it a go-to meal during busy weeks. 


  • Fried Rice
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Once again, an easy, quick, and customisable meal. This meal can be made with fresh rice or leftover rice from the sweet and sour chicken wink wink. It can be tailored both to preference as well as what’s available in your kitchen, so if you had a last-minute change of plans and need to whip something up real quick, fried rice is the meal for you. Depending on its contents, this meal can be prepared in 15 minutes or less! 


  • Pasta Bologna
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A famous one pot meal that can be kept for up to a month in the freezer. Perfect for meal prepping. It’s also an easy meal to buy groceries for as most recipes do not require many ingredients to make this dish. It’s easy to prep, easy to make, easy to store, and delicious to eat! 


  • Kimchi Fried Rice
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This dish may border on the more expensive side unless you have a store of homemade kimchi… but it’s delicious and incredibly easy to make. This meal often doesn’t require a recipe and is usually made by dumping your favourite ingredients into a pot along with some kimchi and rice! It won’t even take more than 10 minutes to make. 


  • Tuna Aglio Olio Pasta
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Requires very minimal ingredients and the cooking time is however long it take for your pasta to cook! Your grocery shopping list will be a short one for this meal, that’s for sure. It’s perfect for bulk making and eating throughout the week too! 


  • Instant Noodles 
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Of course, maggie mee and ramen must be included… it’s a staple in every dorm! Not only does it require one pot to cook it, but it can even be eaten in that very pot! A perfect lazy day meal for anyone. 


Eating well and healthy can be a challenge, especially after long days and busy weeks, but don’t let that stop you from taking care of yourself and eating good. Simple can be delicious too!