Hot Jobs In The New Norm

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As we continue to adapt to the “new normal” of social distancing and working remotely for an indefinite period of time due to the coronavirus pandemic, the current job market has seen major changes in the types of jobs that are in demand during and even in the post-lockdown world.

To help you prepare for your job search, here are some industries currently in demand and jobs to look out for.

IT and Cybersecurity

Overnight, technology has become more crucial than ever during this pandemic, and this is expected to last for a long time. As more companies rely heavily on technology to continue being in business, it creates a high demand in tech-related jobs such as Software Developer, App Developers and IT Tech Support.

In addition, the increase in online transactions means that companies now need to safeguard their company from cybercrimes. Cybersecurity jobs such as Cybersecurity Engineer and Cybersecurity Technical Support has a great potential for growth in the future.

Key skills

  • Technical skills – Coding. For example, HTML/Javascript/Cloud Computing and other types of programming language
  • Strong analytical and diagnostic skills
  • Time management
  • Good communication skills
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Digital Marketing

As companies explore new markets and ways of doing business, digital marketing has now taken centrestage to develop, implement and promote marketing campaigns for products and services. As such, Digital Marketing Professionals are in demand as they understand the target market and strategies to gain more customer leverage.

Key skills

  • Ability to analyse data and market insights.
  • UX skills, SEO and social media knowledge to develop and implement strategies that enhances customer experience
  • Project management skills

Content Creation

With an increased demand for online services such as Netflix, Amazon, etc, there is a need for engaging content and design. Creative jobs such as Content Creator/Writer, Digital Editor and Graphic Designer are worth considering if you are keen of presenting ideas in various forms.

Key skills

  • Adaptability
  • Strong language and research skills
  • SEO knowledge
  • An eye for detail
  • Time management and organizational skills


Due to the current social distancing and Conditional Movement Control Order, businesses are embracing e-delivery services via Grab and courier services.

More restaurant businesses are providing their own delivery services. In this regard, delivery services rely heavily on Logistics Managers/Executives to manage the storage of goods and timely delivery to consumers.

Key skills

  • Industry knowledge
  • Team player
  • Good organizational and decision-making skills
  • Adaptability
  • Accountability
  • Good interpersonal skills
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