Healthy habits to adopt in high school that will help you in university 

For college/university students. 

You might’ve heard how university is going to be vastly different from high school. However, university might be more similar to high school than you would think… there are actually a couple of habits you can adopt in high school that will help you adjust to life as a university student better. 


Habit #1 is Don’t do last minute work! 

Assignments tend to pile up really quickly when you think “It’s only the start of the semester, I can do this later”. While still in high school, it would be best to start practicing finishing off all your homework or projects as soon as you get them. Once this becomes habit, you’ll find that university life becomes a lot less stressful, and you’ll have time to combat any changes or issues before it’s too late. Skip the stress of last-minute submissions, university life will be stressful enough, you don’t need to add to it! 


Habit #2 is Learn to study independently 

Most university classes have assignments consisting of individual as well as group work. During these assessments, lecturers expect their students to work on their own with minimal guidance. Therefore, while still in high school, it is good to practice independent learning to ensure that you are able to study and complete assignment tasks without the constant prodding of lecturers. 


Habit #3 is to Manage your time well 

One thing most university graduates will advise all current university goers is to join more events, clubs, and committees during their student years. While this is solid advice, many students tend to join these activities without proper time management and very quickly find themselves overwhelmed with too many responsibilities. So take note of your capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses while in high school. This will allow you to understand what you can handle while also studying before making any commitments. 


Leaving high school and joining university can be daunting, but don’t be frightened away from one of the best times of your life. University life can be really fun when you’re well prepared, so start developing these healthy habits now!