Andrew Matthews; ‘Bouncing Back!’

Ever heard of the famous speaker and author Andrew Matthews? Well, if you have, that’s great cause he’ll be the subject of this article. If you haven’t, then you’re about to hear a lot about him now!

Andrew Matthews is an Australian motivational speaker and author who is famously known for his many best-seller self-help books. However, he is no ordinary motivational speaker. Mr. Andrew is also recognised for his unique way of conducting his talks which is… with live drawings! For the duration of his motivational speeches, Mr. Andrew creates little cartoon characters as he speaks live to illustrate (literally) his points in a fun and comical way. This method of hosting his talks allows for the audience to quickly understand the message he is sharing while also enticing them to remember the self-help points mentioned by associating them to the sketches he draws as he speaks.

During his visit to Malaysia, Mr. Andrew stopped by BAC to give a remarkable talk on happiness based on his new book ‘Bounce Back!’. Bringing in his own stack of sketch papers and markers, Mr. Andrew entered the venue with a wide smile and warm gestures and instantly started working with the team to ensure he did his part in making sure the event ran smoothly.

Mr. Andrew showed his love for his job in this way, wanting everything to be perfect so his audience had the most enjoyable experience. And an enjoyable experience they had indeed, as music blasted through the auditorium and Mr. Andrew made his way onto the stage to begin his talk with a drawing rather than a speech. After his quick greeting sketch, he began talking on what it means to be happy and how happiness does not depend on the situation or what you do or do not have, rather happiness is a choice that each individual has the right to choose and pursue. A quick summary of his talk couldn’t possibly do his work justice, so here is where you’ll be directed to buying his book ‘Bouncing Back!’ if you’re intrigued or interested in finding out more (wink wink). Mr. Andrew delves deeper into pursuing happiness in a world full of misery in his book, so make sure to check it out!

At the end of his talk, Mr. Andrew graciously gifted all the sketches he’d drawn during the talk to BAC to be displayed as a reminder to all that happiness is never far away.

He also made sure that he was able to autograph every single book that was purchased during this event with his signature and a little sketch to show his appreciation to each and every person who attended his talk. He greeted and chatted with everyone he crossed paths with, showing the same hospitality he raved about only being found in Malaysia.

He also agreed to a small interview session where he gave some words of advice specifically for you!

To all high school students who are still deciding what to do in life, here’s what Mr. Andrew has to say to you, “We can spend way too much time worrying “Is this the right thing I should be doing? this is such a big decision”, but all we can do is do what makes most sense in the moment. A lot of people end up having more than one career. Do your best and watch your life unfold. Don’t get too stressed.”

To all high school students who are worried about choosing an artistic career path in Malaysia, here is what Mr. Andrew has to say to you, “Sometimes it is the case where you need to do, for a start, what is it that your parents insist that you do. But, once again, sometimes we can say to our parents “I also want to study this at the same time” or maybe you could choose something that could give you a few more options when you’re a little more financially stable.”

To all university graduates and work-goers, here is what Mr. Andrew would like to say to you, “Whatever opportunity that comes along that seems to make the most sense, you do that and you give 100% to that and see where it leads you.”

Lastly, a little reminder from Andrew Matthews himself, “If you fall down, get back up. I mean, what else are you going to do?”.