About BACflix

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Launched in September 2017 by Brickfields Asia College and with the support of the Ministry of Education, BACflix advocates for and is in full support of Malaysia’s ongoing education transformation journey.

BACflix is committed to championing this transformation with initiatives aimed at accelerating the adoption of critical 21st Century Learning skills and practices.

With BACflix, self-directed learning comes full circle. Focus only on what you need to learn, at your own pace and time, and in your preferred style with the convenience of a Virtual Learning Environment.

BACflix comes complete with SPM and IGCSE content presented through a variety of engaging, immersive formats that will enable learning, facilitate recall and most importantly, help you score better!
All activities, programs and initiatives are offered to Malaysian students, teachers and parents completely free-of-charge with all costs offset by parent sponsor, The BAC Education Group.

Study Anywhere, Anytime!

SPMflix is Malaysia's largest and most comprehensive online portal set up by the BAC Education Group to help students prepare for the SPM exam. Students will just need to sign in to gain FREE and unlimited access to SPMflix's entire repository of over 4,000 lesson videos and notes.

Comprehensive SPM lesson videos based on the Malaysian school syllabus

Revision SPM e-Notes (featuring handy short-notes & Frequently Tested Questions)

Tanya Cikgu - Send questions to our expert teachers via WhatsApp

Get the latest tips & answering techniques for all 12 core SPM Subjects with our annual SPM Seminars

SPM in 100 Minutes – Revise SPM subjects in just 100 minutes

Revise Past Year Questions with us – coming this September!

IGCSEflix gives students and teachers FREE access to educational content designed to complement existing teaching and learning activities. It is an additional learning resource, and a general revision tool for intensive exam prep.

Comprehensive IGCSE lesson videos based on the latest IGCSE syllabus.